Kimberly & Keith Edmunds

Kimberly and Keith Edmunds established HopeFeathers with a very specific goal: to passionately pursue what Christ has called them to do in the world.  Both have been blessed with successful careers in operations, customer experience and leadership development.  As followers of Jesus, they see their professional careers as a vehicle to minister to people in the work place,  in their communities and the world. 

Their approach is grassroots, this allows the Kimberly and Keith  to establish and maintain relationships with the organizations they support. They follow God’s lead and use their experiences and financial resources to support people in impoverished environments, especially children. 


Elena Arosemena

Elena has known the Edmunds for 20 +  years.  Her volunteer work with  HopeFeathers is primarily focused on administrative support.  She enjoys working with Kimberly and Keith along with the grantee organizations.  Her heart is filled with love and care for the people she is helping, especially the children.