If you are a Christ-centered 501(c)(3) or an "in-country" NGO  supporting children with education, food and shelter in economically disadvantaged areas, we would love to hear what you are doing. Provide a short description and we will respond promptly!  Use email form below. 


  • HopeFeathers does not accept unsolicited grant proposals. 
  • All applicants must send a brief email description of their resource need. 
  • Once your email is received and reviewed, you will be sent instructions on how to proceed with the grant application and timeline. 
  • Grants will generally be in the range of $500 to $10,000 US Dollars per year.  
  • Grant requests will be considered only from organizations that are classified by the IRS as 501(c)(3), tax exempt agencies and not private foundations. Grants will also be considered for "in-country" NGOs. 
  •  HopeFeathers reserves the right to attach conditions to grants as circumstances warrant. 
  • HopeFeathers may require additional information, interviews and site visits.  
  •  If a proposal clearly is not within the giving interest and mission of HopeFeathers, the applicant will be notified.



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