Christ gave us a mandate to help the poor.  HopeFeathers is doing our part in fulfilling this command. We are a small and effective organization. We take a grassroots approach with the philosophy of THINK BIG, START SMALL, START NOW.  We support Christ-centered  organizations that are helping children in third world countries. 

                                                        He who plows ought to plow in hope  

                                                                               1 Corithians 9:10





We  share the love of Christ with everyone we serve regardless of race, gender or religion. We're grounded in Christian values and beliefs; they're the foundation of HopeFeathers and all we do. Our core values are Love God, Love Yourself, Love People.  We demonstrate these priorities by helping organizations that provide education, food and shelter to children across the globe.



HopeFeathers provides support and leadership to organizations across the world.  Our support is focused on the areas of education, nutrition and shelter for children in third world countries. HopeFeathers encourages the development of sustainable programs centered on Christ's teachings and values at their core.  We help with leadership development, strategic plans, connections to local resources and financial grants. HopeFeathers was established by Kimberly and Keith Edmunds in 2005.



HopeFeathers understands that prospective applicants don't  always have the resources to complete complex grant applications. We keep our guidelines simple.  We are committed to our mission of providing help for Christ-centered organizations that help poor children with education, food and shelter.