We share the love of Christ with everyone we serve regardless of race, gender or religion. We're grounded in Christian values and beliefs, they're the foundation of HopeFeathers and all  the work we do. 

Our core values are Love God, Love Yourself, Love People.  We demonstrate these priorities by helping organizations that provide education, food and shelter to children across the globe.



HopeFeathers provides support and leadership to organizations across the world. Our support is focused on the areas of education, nutrition and shelter for children in third world countries. HopeFeathers encourages the development of sustainable programs centered on Christ's teachings and values at their core.  We help with leadership development, strategic plans, connections to local resources and financial grants. HopeFeathers was established by Kimberly and Keith Edmunds in 2005.



HopeFeathers understands that prospective applicants don't  always have the resources to complete complex grant applications. We keep our guidelines simple. We are committed to our mission of providing help for Christ-centered organizations that help poor children with education, food and shelter. 



Wings of Hope International

Wings of Hope International  is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to aiding those in need by providing basic survival tools, such as healthcare, education and nutrition. Wings of Hope operates a school and health clinic in Juampas, Haiti. 

To learn more visit http://www.wingsofhopeintl.org

Mawuvio's Outreach Programme

Mawuvio Outreach Programme (MOP) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  Established in 2009, MOP  takes care of disadvantaged youth unable to afford fees for public schools.  MOP has a school in Ghana that provides education and extra curricular activities, grade levels included are primary and junior high. 

To learn more visit http://www.mawuviosoutreachprogramme.org

International Resource Foundation

International Resource Foundation provides support to educational and health facilities across Ghana. The foundation brings in humanitarian aid and relief items, medical and education materials, equipment and supplies. They support facilitating improved education along with health-care delivery in deprived communities across Ghana. 

To learn more visit: http://www.irfghana.org

Hands of Love and Joy

Belinda Williams, founder of a Christian women's ministry,  Daughters of Virtue (DOV) Ministries, partnered with Hands of Love and Joy to build an orphanage for children in Mukono, Uganda.  The children had been living in the small home and church of Pastors Charles and Betty Mukasa.  

To learn more visit http://www.handsofloveandjoy.org

Bethel Organic Farms

Bethel Organic Farms  in Mukono, Uganda is operational and providing subsistence food to the children and staff of the Hands of Love & Joy orphanage. The 3 acre farm includes crops and livestock.  Daily farm operations are managed by Samuel and Patricia Omittah.  The overall farm presence and activities in Mukuno provides economic value to the local community. Villagers benefit from access to farm training programs and Christian Ministry outreach.   

To learn more visit: https://bethelorganicfarm.org